Why Rejoov | Tasty yet healthy cold pressed juice in Bangalore


Why is Rejoov good for you?
  1. Rejoov is the best juice there can be. It is 100% fresh, pure and natural.
  2. Each bottle of Rejoov contains your approximate daily requirement of macronutrients.
  3. Each blend is made of 6-8 exotic fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. Each bottle has almost a kilo of fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds in it.
  4. Rejoov is made using cold pressed technology, which keeps the vitamins, minerals, enzymes and antioxidants of fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds intact. It not only uses key fruits and vegetables that are often ignored in your daily diet, but also provides these fruits and vegetables in the right proportions to help you reap maximum health benefits.
  5. Rejoov juices are chemical-free with no additives, artificial flavor, chemicals or preservatives. They do not have any sugar or water added (except Nut Pro, where approximately 40 almonds necessitate the use of water to extract nutrients in the best possible way).
  6. To create a holistic and balanced diet, we recommend the Rejoov six-pack program, in addition to a total of 300-400 calories that come from three small meals in a day.
  7. Consuming Rejoov juices as an alternative to unhealthy snacks helps reduce cravings for the same.
  8. Our culinary expertise has allowed us to create delicious and unique blends without compromising on their nutritional benefits.
  9. Rejoov inculcates healthy and sustainable eating habits.
What type of food should be included with Rejoov?

It is recommended to consume foods that are high in protein and with a low glycemic index.

How is Rejoov different from home-made juices?

Rejoov juices are fundamentally different from those juices that are made at home. We use cold-press technologies that have hydraulic systems used to extract juices, which preserve the nutrition that fresh fruits and vegetables offer. This results in a nutrient dense juice, full of minerals, live enzymes, vitamins, and antioxidants. A traditional blender uses high speed to blend produce, which generates heat while extracting juice, this results in a loss of essential nutrients.

Each bottle of Rejoov juice is made of almost a kilo of fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. It contains six to eight exotic ingredients, many of which are not easily available in the market but are very high in nutrition. Additionally, Rejoov juices have been thoughtfully designed by our nutritionist – these are unique blends that provide the body with the optimal amount of nutrients, while preventing toxicity due to overconsumption of certain nutrients.

I've heard fiber is good for you, do these juices have any fiber?

All our juices are formulated with the intent of giving you the soluble fiber you need. Soluble fiber (which is required in small portions) absorbs water like a sponge and provides bulking matter that acts as a prebiotic to support good bacterial growth and digestive health. It also performs major functions like regulating blood sugar, lowers blood cholesterol and slows the transit of food through the digestive tract, hence filling you up naturally while also reducing cravings.

Is there anything I need to do before I enjoy these juices?

No preparation required. Just order, enjoy, and repeat.

Do Rejoov juices have any side effects?

It is all good, balanced and healthy.

Can you exercise while enjoying one of the six-pack Rejoov plans?

Yes, general activity and fitness challenges are recommended. For those consumers who enjoy a very active lifestyle, we recommend the six-pack program designed for "Fitness Buffs" which includes the Nut Pro blend to provide energy and protein for muscle recovery.

Does it really matter what order I drink the juice?

To get maximum nutritional benefit it is important to drink the juices in the order suggested by our nutritionist.

The preferred order for optimum results is:

  1. Forti fire / Nut Pro
  2. Green Infusion
  3. Pure Defense
  4. Ever Youth
  5. Hydra Flush
  6. Weight Watch
Is there a limit on the number of days in a week I can Rejoov?

Since Rejoov focuses primarily on the rejuvenation of the mind and body as well as inculcating healthy habits, you can Rejoov as often as you want.

Why do the juices separate?

Our juices are 100% natural with no artificial additives added. Separation of juices is normal because of varying densities of fruits and vegetable juices. So 'Shake me up' before you drink.

Are Rejoov juices dairy and gluten free?

Yes, all juices are dairy and gluten free.

What's the best way to store the juices?

Keep the juices refrigerated at all times.

Can Diabetic, Nursing or Pregnant women enjoy Rejoov?

Our products are created to offer required nutrition. However, it is recommended to check with your doctor before consumption.

Can kids drink Rejoov juices?

Yes - now, make your kids drink their daily requirement of fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds in a fun and tasty way. Rejoov juices contain more than a kilo of fruits and vegetables in each bottle and have been created to offer the right nutrition without compromising on taste, making it great for kids.

What is the environmental impact? Are plastic bottles BPA free?

We maintain a low carbon footprint by sourcing our produce locally. The farms we partner with engage in various processes to ensure the fruits and vegetables are pesticide-free. The containers that we provide our juices in are BPA-free, PET plastic bottles which are recyclable.

Where can I purchase Rejoov juices?

Apart from ordering Rejoov juices on our website, you can also purchase them from: Natures Basket, MK Retail, Chef Kraft, Big Basket, Nilgiris, Namdharis, Food world and Foodhall.

Where is Rejoov manufactured?

Rejoov is currently manufactured in a centrally-located plant in Bangalore.

When will it be delivered to you?

Please place your order one day before you decide to Rejoov. Your six pack will reach you between 9am to 4pm so you can Rejoov the next day.